Call Someone; Don’t Hurt Yourself!

I’m sitting with a heavy heart as I write this note. I was reminded today of a student and friend who shot and killed herself not long ago.

The usual thoughts persist – could I have done something and did I do enough? These thoughts layer across more recent sadness; a friend and wonderful guy very recently shot and killed himself during one of many arguments with his wife. He was on life support for a period of time before that was ceased.

I can’t pretend to know the depths of pain of those in deep depression experience . I won’t try to offer solutions to issues beyond my experience.

But, I do want to offer this simple plea:
If you’re contemplating taking your life – REACH OUT TO SOMEONE.

Call a friend, call a hotline, call a local church, and ask for help. Please.

Trust that the resolution you cannot envision or possibly believe in is just beyond your current state of mind. It’s there. Ask for help in finding it.


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