The handgun defense requires a subtle shift in tactic and movement to optimize your result.

I spent last weekend with Darren Levine and the crack instructional staff from Krav Maga Worldwide at Revgear University. While there, the seminar planners honored Darren for his 35 years of service in teaching Krav Maga.

That’s a significant milestone. Darren has not only retained the lesson Imi taught him, but has expanded those concepts and principles applied them to the evolving threats and tactics that emerge in near real-time. Congratulations to Darren and those that have worked to make Imi’s and Darren’s dream a reality.

So, while assisting at the seminar, I noticed several issues both instructors and student attendees had while making the handgun touching exercise. Today, I’m focusing on the redirection of the handgun. In the video below, you’ll see me illustrate the issue and prescribe a fix. The primary issue in this context with redirection is telegraphing. Check it out!

And as always, walk in peace.

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