Starting next week, I’ll be posting articles about my attempt to complete the Spartan march from Sparta to The Hot Gates where King Leonidas confronted the Persian King and his massive army.

It’s a slog of a run – over 240 miles in eight days. But that’s not the point.

I’m trying to make the run as a keto-adapted athlete – using fat as a primary fuel source (sourcing from both my body and through nutritional intake).

One of my nutritional resources will be the F BOMB (fat bomb) in several flavors – providing me much needed fat for easy conversion into energy. I won’t rely on carbohydrates for fuel. They burn dirty – free radicals are a destructive byproduct linked to cancer.

I’ll let you know how the march goes and how the F BOMB works. Stay tuned!

And, if you’re thinking of changing your lifestyle, check out MIND BODY FUEL.

I’m down 62 pounds, feel great, have super mental clarity, and know I’m investing in my own longevity. Get in while the getting is good!

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