If you’ve read the “March of the 300: Part 1” in this newsletter, you may or may not know that the entire 240+ miles of work this march required was done using the principles of Primal Endurance.

I relied nearly exclusively on MIND BODY FUEL nutrition with a healthy does of F BOMBS during the process – as well as – a total of 5 tablespoons of super-grains (also provided by Master Chef competitor Chef Alvin Schultz) and two bananas.

I burned – by my estimation – an average of 7.500-8,000 calories per day during the eight day, 204-miles of work (but took in an average of 2,500-3,000 calories). I NEVER bonked, fell out, lost my MOJO, or otherwise felt weak. In fact, somewhere during the middle of the trek, I felt as though I was getting stronger. This concept of the fat-adapted athlete (and everyday health conscious person) has arrived.

If you haven’t read Primal Endurance, you’re missing out. There’s a strong probability that most of what you know about nutrition, achieving optimal body composition, and the fat-adapted lifestyle is 180 degrees incorrect. Seriously, take a look at Primal Endurance. I’m down 65 pounds, and I feel great. Read it!

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