The Three Keys to Excelling at Krav Maga

I’m teaching more classes these days–many more than in the recent past. We’ve launched two new exciting advanced programming classes that hold the key to excelling at Krav Maga. 

The focus on these programs is a process that includes motor skill development through to muscle memory. And, I’m teaching students how to analyze movement. This is perhaps, the most important skill-set a student can develop.

In general, there are three of these skills that must be understood and mastered to create excellent results in your Krav Maga training:

  1. Weight Transfer: You must identify, understand, and incorporate proper weight transfer into your techniques/defenses. This is essentially weight moving from one foot to the other.
  2. Platforms: You must identify, understand, and incorporate proper platform structure into your techniques/defenses. This is essesntially what the feet, hips, and shoulders are doing to achieve speed, balance, and power throughout the defense being made.
  3. Hands/Body/Feet: You must master movement in this context. Without Hands/Body/Feet, your movements will be telegraphic and ineffective. There are several reasons for this that run well beond the scope of this article. For now, know that a miss here means ongoing failure.

Master these three MUST Dos, and you’ll find yourself among the elite students at your school. Dismiss these skill-sets, and you’ll find yourself struggling throughout your Krav Maga training. It’s that simple.

Check out the video for more information, and always…walk in peace.

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