Read this Book to Understand What our Military Experiences in War

I was thinking about the mess we’re currently facing across the international landscape – Russia on the move in Syria (and others places), Iran gaining access to between 100-150 billion dollars, China claiming territory in the South China Sea (owned by Japan and others), and so on.

I sigh when I think back at our failed polices and at opportunities missed in the international arena. But I’m also cognizant of the tremendous sacrifice our men and women in the armed forces make in times of war. A steady focus on both the need for military action and the sacrifices that action requires is critical in clearly seeing the path forward.

Most of us are rational enough to see that when a power vacuum is created in the international community, forces will rush to fill the void. We’ve seen this in Iraq, in Crimea (where Russia was simply given carte blanche), in Chinese action in the South China Sea, and in many other places – including North Africa and Egypt in the past several years.

But, to understand war, and what we ask of our brave men and women in uniform, I’ve never read a better account of war than in the book:  House to House by David Bellavia.

War is often a necessary evil to combat an even greater evil, but let’s not forget what we ask of our military and those who serve. And, let’s remember the debt we owe them when they return.

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  1. Max A

    Great book! Simultaneously terrifying and inspiring.