What Makes the Extraordinary More Than Ordinary?

I completed another GZTac Core Handgun Fundamentals course this past weekend, and I enjoyed seeing the improvement each student made as we progressed from one evolution to the next.

And, while I’m no handgun expert or gun guru, the principles of Krav Maga I’ve applied to handgun training have been surprisingly successful – even as optimistic as I was going into this process.

While I’ve always been honored to teach the dedicated and hard working people who instruct for Krav Maga Houston, I was blown away by the performance of three of my instructors during the class this past weekend. Our female instructor, shooting a Sig 938 compact pistol with minimal experience, did a fantastic job and visibly showed a stern concentration throughout. One of the advanced instructors shot lights-out with a Colt .45 officers model – hitting targets out to 50 yards without front or back sights. Then there was our resident GM and level one instructor in his first ever handgun class – having just acquired his first pistol five weeks earlier – shooting the A box out of the IDPA target.

I was proud for each of these folks – as well as – the outstanding job the entire group was able to produce. But, I started thinking, what makes my Krav Maga instructors so capable of picking up new skills, handling various levels of pressure, and creates extraordinary performance over short periods of time? I sat down and talked briefly with each of these folks – from type A+ to B- type personalities. In the end, I was no closer to clearly understanding what concoction of self selection, contagious attitude or paradigm, and/or other variable might be in play here.

However, I suspect that what makes the people I work with perform at high levels starts with something inside them – a desire or goal ignited – that stokes an inner fire to do more and be more. Whatever it is, I’m honored to be associated with the very talented group of instructors at Krav Maga Houston. If you want another perspective, check out James Newman’s article this week on his experience at the GZTac Core Handgun Fundamentals course.

Whatever you do, search for your own inner fire, a masterful paradigm for absorbing information, and a group to push you towards your goals.

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