My Weekend was Filled with Learning and Skill Building During my First GZTac Experience.

When does coincidence become purposeful?

We just finished our second class of GZTac Core Handgun Training this past weekend, and the results are nothing short of amazing. We have had 20 shooters so far – only 5 of whom had attended any type of shooting school prior to the GZTac course. The overwhelming response has been pretty straight forward – The GZTac Core Handgun is hands down, the best training they have ever received. For those who have not attended a shooting course, the resounding feedback has been excellent with most everyone walking away amazed by their own performance.

Being an inexperienced shooter myself, I watched our first group in June put shot after shot in combat range into the IDPA “A” section of the cardboard targets. These shots are not shoot, pause, aim/confirm shot, then fire again, but rather shot in succession as fast as possible, confirming shot placement on target only when the magazine has been emptied. The targets spoke for themselves.

Our second group to run through Core Handgun had the same results. This go around, I participated for the first day- shooting roughly 160 rounds on Saturday. This is by far the most shooting I have ever done. I was amazed at my ability to follow the process that Chief Kirk has developed: drawing from the holster and putting multiple rounds center mass in less than 2 seconds – CONSISTENTLY. For me, developing skill at arms is an amazing feeling and a necessary skill set in this day and age.

Over the second weekend, everyone who participated experienced the same results. These results mirrored our first group’s results, and I am predicting further success for our next group August 5-7. I can say from experience that the training truly does lead to “Repeatable Performance”, and I cannot wait to watch the evolution of GZTac coursework and our students!

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