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Check out these world class instructors – enough said!

Darren Levine Exclusive Interview: Part 3

Kerry Kirk: Darren it is so good to see you again. We are excited to have you back in town for the Houston seminar. Part I and II of your interview have been very well received, and I appreciate that you are taking the time to answer more questions. KK: Can you tell me…

The 5 Deadliest Bone Crushing Combatives Ever!

After extensive study and an assessment of real world battle-tested results, Kravology brings you an exclusive look into the 5 deadliest bone crushing combatives ever conceived – ever, at any time, throughout history, ever! WARNING: these combatives can cause immediate and deadly trauma to your adversary. Don’t even try these combatives unless you want…

The Lost Secret of Handgun Defense – Without This You’re Dead!

This secret was found accidently by divers searching for the lost island of Atlantis, locked away in an ancient chest off the coast of the Maldives. The divers spotted a portion of the chest, removed the sand and debris, and hauled it the surface using heavy equipment. Once opened, the ornately decorated chest nearly disintegrated…