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Kravology works with our contacts in the intelligence community, law enforcement, and technology to bring you news you can use. Tango Sierra, otherwise known as Top Secret, is your view into the what’s really happening and how it might impact you – right where you are.

Terrorists Target US Railway Systems

According to Al Qaeda’s magazine, Inspire, the terrorists plan to target America’s trains. Issue No. 17 will be released shortly with a headline reading, "Train Derail Operations," and goes on to spell out ways to create rail disasters in a transportation system that lacks the stiff security procedures of airline travel. For…

Prison Jihad: Radicals Recruiting Inmates

“Sometimes people with the worst pasts create the best futures,” reads the slogan, emblazoned on an image of a masked fighter wielding a Kalashnikov, walking into blinding light. The poster was shared on Facebook by Rayat al-Tawheed, a London-based group of jihadist militants calling themselves the “Banner of God” in October of…

Hotel Safety Tips

As many of you are squeezing in last minute summer trips, we thought it worthwhile to offer these safe traveling tips. Travelers often think of hotels as an extension of their homes—comfortable, private and safe. However, the reality is that hotels can be targets for crime. When you are out of your…

Jihadist Training Camps Within the United States

As we reported last week, the Muslims of America (MOA also operating as Jamaat ul-Fuqra) has established “Islamic villages” across the U.S. which have been described as terrorist or jihadist training camps. Experts believe there are as many as 35 “Islamic villages” across the U.S., with only a portion being publicly recognized.…