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Kravology staff are bringing you profiles of tools that can increase your performance and understanding of self defense. We are scouring, benchmarking, experimenting, and testing to reveal what tools are most effective at supporting your training and teaching.

Journaling & Technology

Many of you are now engaging in journaling, either as part of a morning or evening ritual. The process itself is rewarding, insightful, and highly beneficial in keeping a perspective on life and your placed in the world. One of the more popular and useful apps for journaling can be found in…

Unbeatable LLC’s Box Breathing App

If you are a Kravologist seeking to take another step forward in stress management, I’d highly recommend the box breathing app for iOS by Unbeatable LLC. Box breathing has a myriad of benefits – most significant is the access to the “executive” brain (the pre-frontal cortex) that is often unavailable during stress-filled…

Review: The All-Strike

Image Source By: Amazon Well, it’s a shame that I’ve learned that Quest’s All-Strike striking tool has been discontinued. The truth is, in concept, it’s a great idea. The ability to train by striking a model of the human head does provide a host of valuable benefits, including my favorite – targeting…


Image Source By: HOKA Sometimes The Best Investment is a Pair of High Quality Shoes. If you’re a person over 40 years old with additional chronic issues from your past exploits, it’s important to uncover training aids that substantially support your ongoing training. My issues are centered at my knees, where multiple…