This week, I’d like to share a practice that I use in coaching to help people align and better understand one another.

This exercise can be done with a souse, roommate, close friend, family members, and staff / team members at work. The goal is to uncover how people are thinking about a subject – in this case, COVID-19 – and to uncover the perspective others hold. Look for themes in the answers as you compile them.

For instance, if you are exploring the development of a business and the ideas from your business partner all evolve around the concept of community (i.e. coffee shop, wine bar, or brewery), this alone provides powerful insight into the process of meaning making for your partner as it relates to a new business. The process can also reveal how others prioritize, so you can manage those priorities with your own.

The goal is to discover how those close to you are thinking about and managing the issues being created by COVID-19. Check this out!

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