Understand Structure to Enhance Your Krav Maga

If you’ve trained for any amount of time, you know the principles of Krav Maga. You’ve likely run across what some call Krav Maga concepts.

However, few people I’ve spoken to have knowledge of and ability to apply three critical concepts within Krav Maga: (1) weight transfer in the feet, (2) platform alignment, and (3) body structure.

I’ve siezed on this idea, because some of my higher-level students asked me a question that they had been batting around for a few days. The question concerned a knife threat defense and how the defenders arms should be positioned. The problem was the question was too narrowly focused and entirely missed the application of one of the three critical concepts enumerated above.

Body structure is simply how we align or link our bodies or limbs to create strength, often by backstopping our points of connection to the attacker with more stable parts of our body. So, you may someday ask a question about the bend in the elbows when the real issue is how are the arms backstopped with body structure.

That’s what happened in the example I’ve provided above, and the video below illustrates the point.

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