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Joint Lock Flow 1-3: Knife Retention

Last week we covered the first three movements in the joint lock flow. This week, I’m briefly showing how this understanding can be extrapolated into basic knife retention. As always, train with a training blade, train thoughtfully, and walk in peace.

Movement Versus Words

Want to deliver a consistent and effect lesson, ensure you remember that action trumps words. I was teaching handgun from the front when I noticed a skilled student with an impressive professional background completing the exercise by mock shooting into the ground three times just in front of his partner/attacker. I thought…

Lightsaber: Drill #1

Use The Lightsaber Drills To Learn Basic Movement, Rhythm, And Weight Transfer I’ve packaged a few drills into the production schedule for the next few weeks that we often do with students to increase recognition and encourage their use of peripheral vision. In Lightsaber Drill #1, we are working on the slipping…