Use The Lightsaber Drills To Learn Basic Movement, Rhythm, And Weight Transfer

I’ve packaged a few drills into the production schedule for the next few weeks that we often do with students to increase recognition and encourage their use of peripheral vision.

In Lightsaber Drill #1, we are working on the slipping motion. First, teach the slipping motion by:

  1. Describing the utility and usefulness of the motion,
  2. Highlight various physical cues that the students can use to confirm success,
  3. Work the drill “dry” in the mirror for 2-3 minutes,
  4. Partner up throughout the class and illustrates the Lightsaber motion/drill,
  5. Provide a few working rules – position, speed, and on-going tempo, and
  6. Launch the drill and switch after 1-3 minute rounds.

This drill was designed, ironically, more as a movement and physical mastery drill – demonstrating how platforms, structure, weight transfer, and natural rhythm work together to produce movement, balance, speed, and power.

This is also great for kids classes!

Check out the video below!

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