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Force Multipliers

Radical Terror Isn’t Going Away; Time to Take Your Training Up a Notch! In the aftermath of another ISIS inspired attack, we see how well trained citizens, off duty police officers and former military can become a crucial force multiplier against attacks on society. Perhaps, with proper training, civilians can become force…

Terror Fighting Robots

Robotic Devices Have the Potential to Serve as a Threat Mitigating Presence in Law Enforcement. Last week in Dallas a heavily armed sniper shot and killed five police officers and wounded nine others—seven of whom were also officers. In response, twelve officers returned fire in a gun battle spanning several city blocks,…

Russia Forges a New World Order

Russia is Forging a New World Order as Russia Intimidates the West Relations between the U.S. and Russia have reached a new low as Vladimir Putin signs a document adding the United States to a public list of threats to Russia’s national security. For the first time since the fall of the…