The Gulf Cartel’s paramilitary training camp was discovered by the Mexican Army in early August, based on an anonymous tip. Located in the rural area outside of Matamoros, the camp is directly south of Brownsville, Texas.

Cartel operatives, aware of the Mexican Army’s efforts to locate the camp, erected a series of blockades throughout the city and ambushed soldiers to prevent them from reaching the camp. By the time the army finally reached the walled facility, cartel gunmen managed to escape leaving behind firearms, ammunition, tactical gear, and armored vehicles. 

An inspection of the property revealed the camp was complete with guard towers, walls, drill areas, a gun range and a garage for customizing vehicles with armor plating. Military forces also found more than a dozen vehicles including white SUVs outfitted with makeshift armor that were being cloned to resemble police and military vehicles used to deceive authorities.

Mexican military and police have since begun training and running defensive exercises as they anticipate more violence in the wake of the ambush of Tamaulipas Attorney General’s Office PGJE, which overwhelmed the capabilities of law enforcement and caused chaos among residents.

Matamoros remains on edge as the military prepares, setting up their own mock-roadblocks and patrols mimicking the response by authorities to an attack by cartel gunmen. Inside the offices of the Attorney General, authorities also practiced security protocols for their staff.

Law enforcement and government officials continue to put themselves at perilous risk not only due to the extreme methods of violence perpetrated by the cartels but also due to the fact that the cartels have informants within the government working on their behalf. 

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