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What If?

I was thinking about the substantial vacuum I’ve noticed lately in the way many people conduct themselves. It’s been so pervasive, I even had a conversation with my wife about the subject recently. The conversation turned into a “what if” talk. So, now I’m asking you: What if everyone in the U.S.…


I’ve received a myriad of questions regarding Chief Kirk’s QUORUNDAM, and I was able to sit down with him to discuss the meaning behind the training and the actual 24-hour crucible event. I was specifically after the significance of the process, his goals for the student trainees, and his hopes for the…

The Technique Inside the Technique

In the video below, I’m outlining an example of how to think about the idea of “the technique inside the technique.” Simply, once initiated, what can a Krav Maga practitioner do to optimize his/her outcome? As a guide, I typically ask (at any point in the movement), am I power, balanced, and…