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The Switch Step

Lately, I’ve had quite a few questions about the Switch Step – also sometimes called the Skip Step. The movement is prolific in fighting styles, in that the Switch Step quickly allows for a change of the fighting stance (from dominant side to non-dominant side and vice versa), as well as, providing…

Krav Maga’s Tactical Fighting Stance

Consider What is Being Communicated by the Choices Being Made. I was teaching inside defense when the question came. I was encouraging each student to make a large box with the arms to invite the attack into the centerline. The question – “is it the case, then, that Krav Maga prefers to…

Fighting Stance & Inside Defense: A DNA Match

Learn to Set-up your Fighting Stance to Invite the Attack It’s official. I’ve become obsessed with inside defense. Apologies offered all around folks. I’ve been teaching inside defense as part of an in-depth examination of the technique in my advanced programming format. This week, I noticed that as the students in the class…