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Pushing Choke: Elbow Power

This week I’m continuing to share the power of leveraging the action of the elbow to create more effective outcomes in your Krav Maga training and preparation. Check out the video below and pay close attention to the elbow/capture process. Walk in peace…

Choke from the Side: Elbow Focus

In the associated video, I’m illustrating the extreme benefits associated with contextualizing Krav Maga’s plucking defenses around the movement and placement of the elbow. The elbow is the arbitrator between the hand (which often plays a major role in defending) and the shoulder (the rotational axis where the arm is attached to…

Choke Front: Two Hand Pluck Defense

If you think you know Krav Maga, check out my multi-part series on deep Krav Maga starting with choke from the front using a 2-hand plucking defense. To start the New Year, I thought I’d start at the beginning. While most Kravist believe that he or she has deep knowledge about Level…