I’m preparing to grade a test for students that have been putting in the time to advance to the next level of training, but I’m concerned that some of these students have confused time with progress.

Simply training without a clear goal, physical dedication, mental focus, and growing emotional resilience is more akin to going through the motions than making progress. In fact, I believe that many of us confuse time and movement with growth and excellence.
If you’re not sure which camp you may be in at the moment, ask yourself these important questions:

  1. Do I have a long-term goal and associated plan?
  2. Is my long-term plan and goal broken up into mini-goals and milestones?
  3. Do I have training strategies to achieve my goals?
  4. Do I track my progress, log my results, and capture insights by keeping a training log?
  5. Do I have a support network of friends and mentors?
  6. Do I draw from my support network appropriately – to gain emotional support or to gain valuable insight?
  7. Do I start each training session with a clear goal and intent?
  8. Am I using my mental, physical, emotional, intuitive, and spirit dimensions to bring all my resources to the forefront in pursuing my goal?

If you don’t have compelling answers to these questions, chances are you’re not fully optimizing your resources in chasing your goals. Give this some serious thought. It may be time to go back to the drawing board – and that’s 100% OK.

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