No, there are not hidden eye strikes within Krav Maga. However, in the video below today, I’m using the concept of eye strikes to accomplish three specific objectives:

  1. To reframe the straight defense structure in my students minds
  2. To ensure proper physical structural across the body of the defender in the added redirection that straight stab defenses require outside of an inside defense, and
  3. To allow the student to embrace the propensity to rush to the end of the movement by introducing the concept of the eye strike as a means of harnessing what would otherwise be a damaging impulse (in that the eye strike position as shown ensures proper end position by specifically engaging the defender’s elbow in the most effective manner in the straight stab defense).

In the video, I summarize the concept of eye strikes at the end of the straight stab redirecting movement in achieving the three objectives outlined above. Check in out!

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