When I think of the holidays, I think – Krav Maga.

And, when I think of gift giving, I think – Krav Maga. Maybe that’s weird. So for all you sane people out there, I’m bringing you a super-charged (almost literally) idea for the holiday season.

Surprise someone with the most unique and useful gift ever – a TASER StrikeLight!

The TASER StrikeLight is a high intensity flashlight that is also a powerful self-defense tool, providing a well-built frame for striking would-be assailants and offering the added advantage of a built-in stun gun (that throws cool blue arcs of electricity and makes “don’t mess with me” crackling sounds).

I’ve had first hand experience with the StrikeLight, and I can confirm it is durable – delivering the self-defense capacity as advertised. This year, give the most unique gift – the TASER StrikeLight.

And, better yet, contact James @ 713-526-2500 or [email protected] to order your StrikeLight directly from us! We’ll get you set-up, and we can teach you or your recipient how to use it!

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