Krav Maga Training is a Journey Worth Taking

Last week, I was in Los Angeles for a series of meetings, to meet new friends, and to see old friends. I’ve been traveling to Los Angeles for nearly 18 years now, and on a particularly fine morning, as I walked to a familiar grocery store and past familiar sites, I found myself standing at a street corner feeling particularly nostalgic.

The sum total of my years of effort, training, sweat, blood, and goals came flooding back to me all at once. The feeling was bitter sweet – a mixture of profound thankfulness and a sadness clashed in my spirit. The past many years has brought me through hard times and good – but Krav Maga remains a constant. I suppose I wish I could do it all again. In the end, we can’t go back. Instead, we must push forward – seeking new challenges and expanding on our past successes.

These feelings are juxtaposed with the elation my new instructors are feeling – having just completed a very successful Phase A training. I’m proud for them – all 10 of them – as they performed with excellence. I want to tell them to hold onto the feeling. While the journey to black belt and beyond is a long one, the process will unfold and once complete, the time will seem as though it was just yesterday when this all started. Such is life.

Whatever your goals, wherever the path you seek leads, hold onto the feeling – it passes too quickly. Spend yourself in a worthy cause, so that when it all floods back to you, you know and feel the humbling presence of profound thankfulness.

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