Krav Maga Provides a Forum that Demands your Attention and Allows you to Live in the Moment.

A student stopped me in the lobby of the school last week. He was riding an emotional and physical high from a Krav Maga class he just finished. He asked me why I thought Krav Maga had such appeal to people of all ages and both genders. I answered with the usual line about the benefits of group activity before I stopped myself. In that moment, something I have been saying for years fell into context.

Krav Maga has broad appeal because in a world where we are all connected to a myriad of powerful communication devices 24/7/365, Krav Maga training often demands 100 percent of your attention. The to-do list must wait. The stresses of the day and life in general must give way to a steady focus. The goals and objectives that often have us projecting our thoughts into the future must be set aside. And, in these moments, where Krav Maga demands such focus and attention, we are living IN THE MOMENT.

Without Krav Maga or a similar pursuit, I fear people will simply be caught in a series of multi-tasking loops that cease to provide any real opportunity to be present in any moment during the day. At night, with a swirling list of demands and stresses left over from the day will rob people of their sleep. The mental and emotional toll would be physically taxing and entirely unhealthy.

Without a pursuit that demands the entirety of our attention, the iPhone, laptop, desktop, smart watch, connected television, navigation/heart rate monitor/virtual assistant/shopping app will create the DEATH OF MOMENTS. As we head into the holidays, unplug a bit. Put away your to-do list and your objectives. Instead, take a deep breath, focus on the moment, laugh with fiends and family – and get back to truly living again.

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