Learn How to Move Your Attacker to Optimize Your Knife Takeaway.

When I take a weapon out of a would-be attackers hand in training, I’m always trying to move in smaller, more leveraged motions and in multiple directions.

Today, I want to explore how moving in multiple directions can enhance your chances of making a clean “weapons take.”

First, consider how difficult it is for the human brain to track physical activity moving in two or more directions, particularly when the movement is sudden and can have substantial effect on the platforms and structure – breaking balance and hindering strength.

Second, consider your physiology from the place where you operate with optimal strength. In this case, strength is a combination of muscular effort and the application of your body weight (physical structure) in your defense.

We use a cavalier in Krav Maga to open the attacker’s hand when taking a weapon, but little attention is sometimes paid to understanding how to move the hand to the ideal cavalier position and how to assess the appropriate shape of the attackers arm to enhance the probability of success (the attackers arm in a “V” shape from shoulder to wrist).

In the video attached, I’ll explain how I take an edged weapon from an attacker’s hand (and use a handgun analogy), pointing specifically to the shape and movement that best facilitates success.

Check out the video below…

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