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Inspired by the Familiar Position

Use Your Growing Krav Maga Knowledge To Guide You In Unfamiliar Situations. If you’ve trained in Krav Maga for a good while, you’re likely familiar with a host of defenses – many focused upon weapons. Consider how these defenses can be utilized as points of reference in responding to a threat where…

Edged Weapons: Stripping the Knife

Stripping a knife from an attackers hand is one of them most misunderstood concepts in Krav Maga. There seems to be a fair amount of confusion about how to efficiently strip the knife from an attackers hand. Having seen the vast array of variations in the Krav Maga Houston schools, I thought it best…

Arms, Core, Floor

Engaging You Arms To Your Core And Rooting To The Floor Will Dramatically Increase Your Power. If you’re looking to increase your power and potency in your Krav Maga practice, you must adhere to this simple rule – Arms, Core, Floor. In short, when you punch, grab to control position, and/or grab…