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Well, it’s a shame that I’ve learned that Quest’s All-Strike striking tool has been discontinued.

The truth is, in concept, it’s a great idea. The ability to train by striking a model of the human head does provide a host of valuable benefits, including my favorite – targeting the horseshoe (the temple down the front of the ear extending through the jaw to the chin on both sides of the head).

While the concept might get 5/5 stars, the actual implementation and production rate more around 3/5 stars, but the All-Strike is a valuable training tool. If you can find excess inventory somewhere, I’d be a buyer if I were you. Durability is an issue, but utilizing the All-Strike in the proper “lane” creates solid opportunities in training. In the video below, I’ve gone through a quick review. Check it out!

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  1. Shawn

    Have you tried it looks like a similar realistic design but the handle is accessed through the back of the head instead of the neck/spine area