Pick Up The Best Book Ever Penned About Krav Maga.

Maybe I’m biased, and perhaps this review comes a bit late in the cycle of Krav Maga book reviews. But, I was looking over Complete Krav Maga (Levine / Whitman) a few days ago.

It seems to me this is the closest book I’ve ever come across that clearly lays out much of the nomenclature, principles, and techniques for much of the Krav Maga system. There are few areas in the book where one might misinterpret a picture or thought put into words, and that’s a huge accomplishment (given what I’ve found in publishing a weekly newsletter).

Whether you own this book and need to run through a refresher or you’ve never seen it contents, it’s worth picking up for the first time or the hundredth. It’s a classic compilation of a wealth of knowledge. If I could only recommend one Krav Maga book, this is the one.

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