Develop A Warrior’s Ethos To Understand ‘What’s Worth The Fight?’

A student recently asked me what it meant to be a warrior. While I’m sure there are many people more qualified to respond, I did my best to answer.

I looked over a myriad of well-respected warrior cultures from the past and added in a few attributes I subscribe to in my walk as someone who is prepared to fight for what I hold most sacred.

When you think of your ethos – those things upon which you stand firm and for which you’d fight – what comes to mind?

Below, I’ve provided several virtues, proper states of mind, and focal points. You’ll find heavy influence from the Spartan and Samurai in these ideals. Enjoy!

The TEN Warrior Virtues:

  1. Rectitude: Morally Good
  2. Courage: Right Action During Fear
  3. Benevolence: Kindness and Generosity
  4. Politeness: Civil and Respectful
  5. Honesty/Sincerity: Truth Seeking
  6. Honor: Principle in Action
  7. Loyalty: Faithfulness and Devotion
  8. Excellence: Highest Quality
  9. Wisdom: Knowledge and Good Judgment
  10. Mercy: Forgiveness, Latitude

The THREE Warrior States of Mind:

  1. Awareness
  2. Clear-Headed
  3. Emotional Balance

The FIVE Focal Points of Warrior Health:

  1. Rational Nutrition
  2. Vigorous, focused Exercise
  3. Efficient Rest and Recovery
  4. Proper Hygiene
  5. Positive Attitude

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  1. Charles

    Duty, Selflessness, and Sacrifice.