An Honest Assessment of your Krav Maga Offering can lead to a Breakthrough

I recently asked my staff and instructor cadre to answer a few questions for me. The idea was to better understand if there was a common understanding of our mission within our Krav family. The answers are still streaming in, and I’m not entirely satisfied with the results. It’s entirely on me. For the common understanding, leadership must communicate these ideals and must lead from the front.

If you want a consistent and valuable experience for each student who takes the time to show up at your school, you’ve got to answer these questions and lead by example. This process will begin to form a target for which others can aim – specifically your staff and instructors.

Try answering these questions for yourself first. Then ask your Krav family to provide answers to you. Compare the answers. Also ask a few trusted students about their thoughts on the subject. You’ll be surprised, and you’ll have a baseline from which to start transforming your school into the place you really want it to be.

What is our school’s brand promise is to each student?

What 5 words do you think best describe us?

What three things must we do better to be successful / world class?

What do you think our mission statement is today?

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