Using Strings can Help Students Better Understand Krav Maga’s Inside Defense

String Theory is an often misunderstood construct in science. Pythagoras could be credited as the first string theorist. Pythagoras, a capable lyre player, discerned the first known string physics — the harmonic relationship. Pythagoras realized that vibrating Lyre strings of equal tensions and different lengths could produce harmonious notes if the ratio of the lengths of the two strings were a whole number.

This process does not unfold in Krav Maga’s inside defense in any way, nor I am referring to this context of the phrase string theory. Instead, I’m referring to a metaphor that can be utilized to better teach Krav Maga students about the initiating movement of inside defense to a right straight punch.

If you’ve been paying attention, I’ve been writing about inside defense lately – perhaps too much. But I’m determined to share the tools and concepts that will better facilitate an understanding and performance in anyone who reads these articles.

Essentially, the video below illustrates how I use the idea of strings – much like a puppet analogy – to inform and inspire my students to deal with “the train” (that is a big right straight punch headed down the tracks towards their heads). Check it out. It’s my sincere hope that this concept will support and improve your training.

…walk in peace.

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