If You Want To Grow In Krav Maga, Start Leveraging What You Already Know.

In the video below, I’m explaining why I teach one of the standard drills that is found in every advanced programming curriculum – every class.

Here’s the bottom line: as a Krav Maga practitioner, you’ve go to leverage the knowledge you gain so that you squeeze every drop of preverbal water out of each morsel of knowledge.

In this case, I’m working with the joint lock flow drill – a drill that’s meant to imbue upon the students much more than a simple joint lock.


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  1. Rich lindsey

    Hello, my name is rich Lindsey. I practice krav in Pittsburgh,pa. Also like to say I look towards kravology weekly. Very informative and great frills and articles. Question being on joint lock flow drill. Is that Wally jay, small circle? Thankyou. Rich Lindsey..

  2. CJK

    Thanks Rich – Yes, the concept of “small circle” was first introduced by Professor Wally Jay, as I understand it, several decades ago. While I don’t train in this style specifically, the concept of small circles is a gem. Use it!