Follow This Series of Articles, and Your Handgun Defensive Knowledge Will Flourish.

I’ve been obsessed with handgun defenses lately. I go through this stage every so often. My mind wants to assess every minuscule detail of the handgun defenses.

I’m currently focused on handgun from the front (off the body). The truth is, this is arguably the toughest one handed threat you’ll face with handgun – not so much due to what you must do but more because of the view your antagonist has of your body (relative to what your body must do to make the defense).

So, I’ve decided to do a multi-part series on Krav Maga’s handgun defense from the front. I think you’ll read and see things you’ve never read or heard before – all well within the Krav Maga principles. And, I think, if you pay close attention to what I write and say on video (and what I don’t say or show on video), that you will see improvement in your handgun defenses.

So, the first part of this series will appear in the weekly newsletter delivered after this article. I’m going to bring you some seriously effective ideas, and then I’m going to wait. If the first article on this subject is well received, I’ll write and video a second installment, but if the first article isn’t well received, I’ll assume you all prefer to move on to something else.

Here’s what I’ll be looking at to determine the success of the first article:

  1. Did the article receive at least 20 comments or questions in the box below the article?
  2. Was the article shared across Twitter at least 20 times?
  3. Did the Kravology facebook page where the article appeared receive at least 20 “likes”

I’m going to deliver some seriously powerful information next week. I hope you like what I have to say, and I pray your Krav Maga improves.

…walk in peace

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  1. Michael Callahan

    CJ – Looking forward to the forthcoming articles. Thanks in advance and as always I appreciate all you do. Sincerely, Michael

  2. CJK

    Thanks Mike…this should be fun.