It’s Time To Launch Ground Zero Tactical

A man’s rights rest in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box.

There is perhaps, nothing quite like the security that comes with developing capable skill at arms. And perhaps, there’s nothing in this context with more utility than a handgun. It’s with this in mind, that I’ve developed Ground Zero Tactical Training (GZTac).

One of the reasons I’ve had such success in developing Krav Maga instructors, outside the awesome efforts and commitment of these folks, is centered in the idea that I’ve developed (after nearly 19 years of training and teaching) a means of communicating in accessible terms what makes a defense successful (and how to achieve the corresponding performance).

It’s ironic that a fair number of instructors have trouble effectively communicating about Krav Maga – a system designed from the ground up to be accessible and useable for men & women, short & tall, big & small.

The very origin of the system – at its deepest roots – is tailor-made to thrive in violence and combat. Unfortunately, I see too many instructors, after years of study, start adding their own special twists on techniques – perhaps from other training disciplines. But, in doing so, these instructors often impede the effectiveness of an otherwise solid defense.

It’s a shame we aren’t spending more time thinking about how and why Krav Maga offers simple solutions to messy, ugly, often complex situations.

As I frequently remind people, (1) we can describe how to do Krav Maga in a pamphlet, but (2) it takes a library to describe why we do what we do.

To be and effective instructor, you must immerse yourself in this library of knowledge to excel and teach your students well.

While I feel I’ve “cracked the code” in teaching Krav Maga (so to speak). I’ve also applied the kind of core thinking that makes Krav Maga so effective to the tactical shooting/training realm. I’ve seen some ridiculous things being taught by firearms instructors that simply aren’t true, because these foolish ideas exist in complete conflict with the human condition and capacity.

So, I’m launching GZTac (Ground Zero Tactical Training) with a single aim:

– To provide world class tactical training within the intersecting arenas of hand-to-hand and firearms combat.

This is not only an underserved area of training, but what does exist is largely absurd and ineffective. People deserve more.

My promise to you is simple:

GZTac will provide tactical training that is accessible and effective for men & women, short & tall, big & small by utilizing the logical and battle-tested principles of Krav Maga to deliver EFFECTIVE, TACTICAL, REPEATABLE PERFORMANCE. There is nothing else.

Our first class, Core Tactical Handgun is coming soon!

I’ll be posting a few videos in this regard in the coming weeks. I hope you’ll follow along.

I look forward to seeing you on the range!

— Want to train with us? Contact James @ 713-526-2500

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