A little more thought will go a long way in developing great Krav Maga students.

There seems to be an unhealthy reliance on the Krav Maga instructor to solve problems that could otherwise be solved by the student. This reliance is unhealthy in that it fails to promote independent thought and ownership of the problem or question at hand.

While new students often understandably lack the basic knowledge to formulate a strategy to test a hypothesis in solving problem or searching for answers, many senior students do have the base knowledge but fail to follow-through. In the video below, I’m using a recent example as a means of highlighting a broader point. That is, senior students should make an attempt to answer questions and solve problems outside the direction of the instructor. Once formulated, the conclusion should be presented to the instructor for review. In this process, the student’s thinking becomes much more powerful, more confident, and effective.

Check out the video an the long gun example, and as always, walk in peace.

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