Learn How to Identify Krav Maga’s Short Line During Weapons Defenses, and Bolster Your Performance.

There’s a misconception among some Krav Maga practitioners that’s developed, possibly, as a misunderstanding in the difference between a prescriptive movement in a defense and that same movement being a “rule.”

For instance, during a handgun defense – when the defender and the attacker are facing one another – the handgun is redirected across the body using the shortest line (assuming no other more important criteria, such as a VIP being exposed to the line of fire, contradict this movement).

That short line remains constant only in that defense and in the context in which the handgun is presented. Specifically, if the handgun is pointed half way between the left shoulder and the centerline of the defender, the defender will redirect the handgun to his/her left (off the short line). However, if the handgun is presented in the exact same spot on the defender’s body but from an extreme angle, the short line will likely change as a result. Often, the change is dramatic and will require an improvised defense of sorts.

The video below outlines the salient issues. Remember, Krav Maga is a principle-based system – not a rule based system. So, act accordingly, and your Krav Maga training and readiness will improve greatly.

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  1. Arnold

    CJ, you turned it i to science!! this is why krav maga works!!