Use the Analogy of a Garage Door to Boost Your Overhead Defense Performance.

The overhead blocks in Krav Maga’s 360 drill, specifically numbers one and two, are seemingly simple movements. But the truth is, an alarming number of students perform these defenses with suboptimal movement.

Given that these defenses are the basis for defending an overhead stab, I thought I’d take a minute to share how we address this issue at Krav Maga Houston.

Essentially, I utilize the analogy of the raising of a garage door – focusing on the bottom lip. When I describe this motion, the door rises by starting parallel to the floor and ends by settling parallel to the ceiling. To mimic this movement in training, students must then raise and lower the defending portion of the arm in the same way. At times, I’ll even mark specific locations on the arm with a Sharpie to better illustrate the point.

Check out the video below. This small point can make a big difference in your defenses.

Walk in pace…

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  1. Nick Brannon

    I’m glad I got to watch this before developing bad habits!