Slow Down to Make It Through Your Checklist, and Watch your Krav Maga Skills Soar!

I’m asking a student who is new to the Advanced Training group to slow down – all the way down to slow motion speed.

He seems confused, so I explain that I need him to move ONLY as fast as he can confirm in his own mind that the specific movements that need to be made in drill are, in fact, being made. But, I need him to make these confirmations while moving at pace and rhythm that can be maintained during his mental checklist.

This process not only begins to create a better understanding of the movement(s) the drill or technique requires, it also preserves the movement flow without introducing the pauses and breaks that would invariably happen if the speed of the movement was increased – essentially allowing the body’s movement to race ahead of the mind’s capacity to confirm the checklist.

To be clear, the checklist is the list of items that must be accomplished to complete a drill or technique successfully. In the video below, I’m using a basic counting method to introduce shadow boxing with a checklist. Enjoy!

Walk in peace…

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