Use These Four Keys to Super-Charge you Krav Maga Long Gun Defenses.

Utilizing physical queues is often the most powerful means of developing effective and consistent defenses. In the article and video, I’m illustrating four physical queues that can substantially improve performance, in this case, when executing a defense against a long threat behind the left elbow.

The video below details these four physical queues, including (1) using the elbow and arm in redirecting the threat, (2) pointing the thumb to orient entry while providing a wall to stay inside the threat, (3) harnessing the push / pull motion in securing the long gun and facilitating the movement of the stock, and (4) creating a vacuum tight seal where the long gun sits in the bend of the elbow during the defense.

If you’re currently training long gun defenses, the video below should be of some use. If you’re not training long gun defenses, not so much.

In any case, walk in peace…

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