This week, I’m continuing to explore the choke front / two hand plucking defense while building on last week’s video.

The concept for this video is speed – how fast and how rhythmically should we attempt to complete a defense. The answer can be found in an analogy about Indy car drivers, their cars, and the track itself. Check this out!

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  1. Ernesto

    Great piece. Curious how you distinguish and subsequently reconcile sanctioned/approved “micro pauses” with pauses that destroy technique? My intuition is that it just takes time and reps.

    • CJK

      Think of natural micro-pauses as those that are demanded by the defense – the process required to change direction, getting the weight set in the feet to make the next movement, or finishing a movement that requires contact with the attacker or a sitting motion to control the force of a movement. These micro-pauses are different than pauses that are created by the defender as a kind of rhythm not necessary to complete the defense (hence slowing the defense).