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Maybe It’s Time We Ask Ourselves What Disney Would Do To Improve Krav Schools.

I recently returned from a Disney Cruise in the Caribbean with my extended family, celebrating my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary.

I’m not really a “cruise” person, but my travels were made much more palatable with the exceptional service the family enjoyed during the trip.

At one point, a woman who only reported to the Captain was walking by our stateroom. My wife and I were trying to uncover the secret to the couch/fold out bed. Not only did the executive officer stop, but she (a slight woman in her 50s) insisted she prepare the bed for us – unusual for an executive officer to say the least. The remarkable thing is…this is just one of many stories from the trip where Disney employees from all walks of life and vocations went out of his/her way to ensure we felt exceptionally welcomed.

At dinner, I finally asked the waiter how Disney was able to encourage all the employees to be at their best and most helpful during the cruise. The waiter, from Honduras, said that it is the “Disney Way.” I also learned the “Disney Way “often includes new employees going to Disney University – a corporate run university – for six or more months to learn how to do your specific job. The waiter also mentioned that his contract was almost complete – explaining that each employee receives an employment contract for 5.5 months. At the end of the contract, if the employee is scored by his/her managers, peers, and customers as exceptional, another contract is offered. For those that don’t cut the mustard, their time at Disney is over.

Today, questions swirl in my mind after this extraordinary trip.

What is the “Krav Maga Way?”

How do we ensure that our students have an exceptional experience?

What incentives would be best to spur on staff and instructors to strive for excellence the first time, every time?

How can the Disney model be adopted to my school?

It’s worth a good deal of thinking to uncover the answers to these questions. What is (insert school name) way?

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  1. Taylor

    Honestly, the KMH (Central) way is similar to Disney in my observation, even with apprentices. If you ask someone for help before or after class, they generally work with and help you. All give honest feedback and usually are personable. When instructors are not leading a class, it’s not uncommon for one to pop into a class (or just when people are training) and offer fresh input on a spur of the moment — or to reiterate something someone else has said in another metaphor/example that works for the student. It is exceptionally rare to find people who try to help each other as much (in my experience across other disciplines) — and that is what makes the KMH community an actual tightly-knit community — and not just a school.