Check Out Several Ideas That Could Improve Your Krav Maga Handgun Defense.

The Handgun Front video I’ve uploaded below highlights some the ideas I’ve utilized to teach my students.

I’ve included ideas that support performance across the entire defense – including Redirection, Control, Counterattack, and Take (RCAT). I believe you’ll find several ideas you may not have considered in your prior training.

The idea is to train as efficiently as you can, making as few movements as necessary to complete the defense. Unnecessary movement, telegraphing movements, movements made in the wrong sequence, or movement that is disintegrated (or choppy) will cause your success rate to drop. So, take a look, and make the needed adjustments.

Try taking the ideas that help you improve and train with intent. I know you will improve!

…walk in peace.

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  1. John Stummer

    Interesting video – thanks, for sharing!

    Do you have any advice on how to deal with the action cycling while you have your hand on the assailant’s weapon? (obviously any injury you’d suffer is better than getting shot in the torso, but I’d like to minimize damage to my left hand, if I can.)

  2. Vince

    Excellent step-by-step breakdown that makes sense logically leading to repeatable performance. Thanks Chief.

  3. Samuel Mooring

    Thank you Chief Kirk! The minor details you give make a huge difference.

  4. Ammar Nomani

    Very useful. Lets see more.

    At what point should be we locking the arm? (if at all)

  5. Steven Cunningham

    Very clear and detailed instruction! I like how you focus on the small aspects of the technique. Its the small things in krav, that usually make the big impact. Also constantly advertising the instruction videos in class or handing a small information card for new students at the beginning to sign up for the weekly edition might increase views and build a stronger following. I feel more people know the kravmagahouston website than kravology for obvious reasons, but dont know how much valuable information they miss out on in the emails and videos.

  6. Atakan Tamer

    If the punch does not land on his face (or the attacker does not get impacted by the punch), is it recommended to continue punching until he is loose? Or do we get our second hand on the gun immediately after the punch, then kick if necessary?

  7. CJK

    John – I’m not suggesting you do this, but…I’ve been to the range and grabbed both semi-auto and revolver style handgun while a partner fired them down range. The semi-auto, when grabbed tightly does not cycle much and is not much to worry about. The revolver, in double action mode, will not fire at all as you can hold the cylinder in place. No major worries – grab the gun, control the line of fire, counter, and take the gun.

  8. CJK

    Amman – lock or almost lock the arm with weight in the handgun once you have control. Lots of weight in the gun…

  9. CJK

    Awaken – if you miss the punch, try, try again – as they say. And, there’s no rule that says you can’t punch multiple times.

  10. Santel Frazier

    Thanks Chief! This is a solid re-enforcement to the training with Darren Levine and the Houston team this past summer. Do more sir.

  11. Pedro A. Franco

    Excellent short video on handgun defense. I look forward to working this skill to proficiency.