Self defense is often about lines and paths and the choices you make therein.

It is critical to understand how and why combatives work, and there are several ways to define each combative.

However, there is a good argument to be made that the best way to define a combative is to describe (1) the striking surface, and (2) the path the combative takes to the target.

In doing this exercise, it’s my hope that each Kravist will be better prepared to utilize the combative most appropriate for self-defense. In the video below, I outline the issues. Enjoy! And…walk in peace.

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  1. Richard Lindsey

    There can be a lot of suggestions, as you stated or comments. But to keep it short and sweet. Thanks for keeping it real….. As lior Offenbach stated where not a martial art. Nothing pretty about Krav Maga. Where all martial lol. Thank you for your time every week.

  2. Joseph Willis

    I agree, I train straight punches, straight kicks, number 1 elbows and lead hook more than any other combative. They are quick and take the shortest path to the attacker. Don’t get me wrong I do train other techniques but those I mentioned are the bread and butter of combatives