You’re in the fight of your life – and you’re losing.

Worse yet, you may not realize how intensely this fight has raged on for many years now. The stakes couldn’t be higher. This is a fight for your very essence and your soul.

The insidious nature of this fight is found in the subtle yet extremely powerful margins of your everyday life. These margins can best be defined by the daily pattern you engage in with alarming consistency, without much thought, and in the seemingly innocuous, small decisions you make thousands of times a day.

The gravity of your past experiences, the inertia of your limited perspective, and the weight of the habits you have formed are entrenched and profoundly affecting your personal trajectory in life. Your internal operating system is now occupied territory, and the enemy is gaining ground as each hour passes. Even as you read this, you recognize this truth in yourself.

You experience this in very real ways, and so do many other people. You are not alone. The closely held secret you keep pressed tightly to your heart is one that is, ironically, shared by a multitude of others. Your depression or sadness, seasons of doubt, bouts of fear, sense of unworthiness, shadows of shame, and nagging awareness that your path lacks any real and life-giving meaning are not yours alone.

To put a single yet fine point on this, consider that one in four adults now abuse alcohol to combat anxiety throughout the industrialized and digitized world – that’s hundreds of millions of people. In these places, standards of living are at all time highs, and even those described as economically disadvantaged have access to food and medicine and entertainment that far outstrips that of the old King’s of England. So, why are we so distressed? Why are millions upon millions of people taking antidepressants? Why is there an obesity and general health crisis in many parts of the world? Why are we, collectively, living in a period of awe-inspiring innovation, yet feeling as low and lost as we ever have?

What if I told you that everything you’ve been taught about winning is wrong. Better yet, what if I told you that everything you believe about winning is a lie? To put it simply, it’s all lies, and it’s definitely all wrong. In our search to climb the ladder, keep up with the Jones’, and get rich or die trying…we’ve lost our way.

We’ve been thrown so far off course that our very destination has become lost and replaced with the shiny idols that lead to complete and utter emptiness. Think about this. Those that the world tells us are most successful are also often the most lost.

The so-called successful often attempt to address the void in their lives by filling the emptiness with money, sex, power, influence, celebrity, drugs/alcohol, or any number of other false idols. In the end, it simply does not work. So the effort is redoubled – leading to the amassing of even more of whatever isn’t filling the void. This process becomes a cycle until the very energy and life force of those trapped in the cycle eventually collapses – giving way to utter hopelessness. Tragically, some take their own lives to end the fight that seemingly will not cease.

As the author of your own story, I’m urging you to write a different chapter. It’s time to try something new, to recognize once and for all that this world and its idols are destructive and meaningless.

What we all need is a powerful new clarity, focused on a profound destination. We all must embrace the fight in which we are engaged. You must find in yourself the warrior that can win this fight. Together we will do that very thing.

You must win. To win, you must be a warrior.

I’m going to teach you to be a warrior, to connect to what I call, the “sacred things” worth protecting – those things for which you will fight. These sacred things are going to fuel your fighting spirit and create clarity for the battles ahead. I’m going to teach you how to think like a warrior, to act with principle, and to seek out only worthy goals.

You will come to know deep satisfaction and experience meaning like never before. You will choose to serve something bigger than yourself, and in the process, discover your highest and best. In the end, I believe you will discover and engage in your purpose for this life. The things you worship now, and the pain and emptiness they bring you, will fall away.

Keep reading. Be ready to work. There is much to know, and much more to do.


In the coming weeks, I’m going to share with you many things. Most of all, I’m going to illustrate how to utilize the principles of Krav Maga to address big issues in life and to navigate to a new and powerful place.

As always…walk in peace.

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  1. Mike Dovey

    I look forward to learning and becoming a warrior.

    • Chief Kirk

      Great Mike! The path simple but not easy…stay with it!