Only a warrior can truly be a pacifist, everyone else must endure it. – Warrior philosophy

I usually say a few words before each Krav Maga test at my school in Houston. It doesn’t matter what level is testing, I always feel it’s appropriate to encourage the students just before “go time.” I typically include a true story I’ve repeated many times through the years. I tell the students that I usually cannot sleep the night before the test, or so it was years ago. I’d lay awake wondering if anyone might glimpse past the momentary discomfort and the uncertainty of what was coming next to dig deep and find something inside that was formally dormant. I wondered if each student would find something more in the effort they produced.

I had hoped that, during a time when each felt pushed to quit, a voice might growl inside them and rally the spirit. I show up before tests to tell those students that there is much more than self-defense and fitness to uncover along the path they have chosen to travel, and I pray that each student might find more and prosper.

For years, I never considered putting into words what MORE really means – until now.

Winston Churchill once said, “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened.” As you train, focus on a goal, and consider what you are preparing for – a life and death battle and no less – you should, at some point, stumble over a few truths. To jumpstart your thinking, consider the following:

  1. You need an Anchor. What is it that you must do? Why must you be here? For me, it’s an absolute imperative that I’m here on this earth for my children.
  2. You need to define your Ethos. You define your life in terms of what ideals? What is non-negotiable for you? For instance, God, Family, Integrity, Courage, Wisdom, and Growth.
  3. You must face your fears. What are the fears in your life that hold you back from being whole? You’ll need to face them – head on.
  4. You must destroy your addictions. Is it alcohol, drugs, food, sex, etc.? Addictions destroy your Anchor and your Ethos – get free ASAP.
  5. You must trust yourself. How do you know, how to know? What is the state of knowing?

This is just the start, but there are some big questions here – life changing stuff. I’m not fooling around, and I want to encourage you to utilize your Krav Maga experience to explore your answers to these questions. When you do, your approach to training, fear, failure, and life will change – perhaps forever.

Dig deep; there’s more there.

Walk in peace…

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  1. deann

    Encouraging! Love the mental application!

    Thank you for posting this!

  2. T.Y.

    So true. Thanks for this one.