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Kicking From The Ground

Subtle Adjustments To Your Kick From The Ground Could Create Massive And Positive Changes In Your Results. Kicking from the ground is one of the most over-looked skills in Krav Maga. Often, too little time is taken to explain the potential dangers of this kick and the proper way to execute the…

Darren Levine: On The Edge

If You Want to Learn to Defend an Edged Weapon, Train with the Best! Last weekend, Krav Maga Houston hosted Darren Levine for a jam-packed seminar filled with edged weapons defenses and dynamic drills. While it’s always fun to have Darren in Houston, this seminar really brought out the best in the…

I Can’t Do That…yet!

Kids Grow When Encouraged to Apply Effort to Any Problem, Reenforcing That It’s Effort That Gets Results. In the United States, it is common to hear the well-intentioned phrase, “Oh, you’re so smart,” or some variation of this statement, reinforcing in our children what Stanford University Psychologist, Carol Dweck, considers to be a…