I was talking with a student recently about her vocation, her passions, and the opportunities that were opening up for her in life.

She was, in some respects, overwhelmed by the potential that lies ahead – as well as, the very real issue of living with integrity and authenticity. At times, these concepts are in opposition to one another.

I suggested she think about the many paths she might take and consider which ones were most meaningful to her. The thought that seemed like a massive undertaking – a series of rabbit holes to explore with a sense of required precision. In short, she didn’t like that idea. So, I suggested she consider a non-linear game to tap into those things that might be lurking just under the surface. The game is called – Wouldn’t It Be Great If…

The idea is simple: make as many statements as possible by starting with the title of the game. In doing so, the person creating the statements can later categorize the statements, look at the motivation and intention behind the statements, and begin to understand the common elements of a near ideal state.

For instance, someone might say:

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if I traveled the world next year!
  2. Wouldn’t it be great if I started a baking business!
  3. Wouldn’t it be great if I started hiking three day a week!
  4. Wouldn’t it be great if I dated more dark haired men!
  5. Wouldn’t it be great if I went camping with my friends annually!

Obviously, the list can be built to include all aspects of life. The more specific the list is, the better. But, the process can start at any level of detail. The value is in getting an objective look on paper at the things that most appeal to you. Segment these examples any way you feel is most productive – by theme, or location, or emotion, or any other number of ways. More is better in this case. Have fun with it, and discover more about what’s next for you.

Finally, the game worked for my student. She even shared the idea with her husband, and they used to game to explore their future together. So, next time you’re plotting your course, try Wouldn’t It Be Great If… The game just might work for you also!

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