How We Approach Capturing a Weapon and/or the Arm That Wields It, Deserves Substantial Analysis.

There is a specific method I use to teach my instructors and students how to capture the knife hand during an underhand stabbing defense.

The process involves utilizing the power of the body (poured into the defending arm) to drive the attacking arm back, while securing the arm in a manner that substantially reduces:

  1. The opportunity for the attacker to withdraw the knife from my sphere of influence, or
  2. To retract the knife such that the defender is again facing the tip of the blade, and
  3. To reduce the attackers ability to effectively utilize forward pressure to “ramp” the knife towards my face and neck.

In the video below, I’ve been caught in the middle of an explanation of how to do this very movement. Enjoy!

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  1. Arnold Wo

    Thanks CJ for another wonderful and eye opening lesson!