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Discipline of Movement

This week, I was reviewing some relatively new firearms – everything from Ruger to Sig. As I worked through my process, I went looking for other firearms reviews on YouTube, I ran across one of the true masters of the three-gun discipline – Taran Butler. I watched him work out a relatively…

Long Gun: CDP

In the video below, I’m illustrating one of the foundational issues in making long gun defenses – the transition from redirection to the dynamic entry and finally control position. When done properly, this process is highly effective; and unlike handgun, the long gun provides more surface area for which to not only…

Krav Maga’s Shortest Line

In the video below, I’m taking a few minutes to explain Krav Maga’s short line, and more specifically how the contact point of a weapon isn’t a reliable indication of where the short line exists. Instead, we must consider the size and shape of the part of the body being targeted, as…